2022 Grand Cherokee L’s Head-Up Display (HUD)

Sep 29,2022

2022 Grand Cherokee L’s new head-up display looks nothing like the one in your car. It is not just a screen to show you the speedometer and other information — it is a full-featured HUD that lets you keep your eyes on the road. The 2022 Grand Cherokee L's HUD does everything you would expect, including displaying speed and directions. But it also has some unique features that make it more useful in a car than in an airplane or ship. For example, if you are backing out of a parking spot, the HUD can tell you how far away objects are from your bumper. The head-up display also alerts you when you drift out of your lane or cross over stop lines at intersections, which can help prevent accidents. And some buttons let you adjust audio volume without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. The system also includes a touchpad in front of the steering wheel for easy control of all infotainment functions, and it can be configured for left- or right-hand drive models. The HUD can be used in conjunction with the cameras to provide additional information about the road. The system has been designed to make it easy for drivers to use their hands while driving and have all sorts of information available without having to look away from the road, which could lead to accidents if done improperly. For more information about the feature, contact St Paul Dodge today.