2022 Grand Cherokee L’s Adaptive Cruise Control With Stop-and-Go Capability

Sep 1,2022

The new 2022 Grand Cherokee L is the top trim level of the brand’s mid-size SUV. It has many features sure to please even the most demanding driver. The Adaptive Cruise Control With Stop-and-Go Capability System (ACCwSC) is a first. The ACCwSC uses radar and camera sensors to detect vehicles in front of you and automatically slows down your vehicle when traffic is heavy. The system can also maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead of you by slowing down or accelerating as needed. This feature is beneficial when traveling on roads with stop lights or stops signs, where it can automatically stop your vehicle at the red light and then continue once it turns green again. If traffic halts and you do not take your foot off the gas, the system will apply full braking force to bring your vehicle to a complete stop if necessary. If the system detects that it needs to slow down because of traffic congestion, it will automatically begin slowing down and then accelerate again once the road clears up. If there is no traffic in front of you, it will accelerate to keep pace with your desired speed. The system can also be activated or deactivated by pressing a steering wheel button or tapping on the brake pedal. The system will automatically deactivate when you come to a complete stop. For any other information, contact us at St Paul Dodge today.