2021 RAM 2500 Parks and Weaves with Ease in St. Paul, AB

May 23,2022

Manoeuvring a heavy duty truck into tight spaces causes stress for many drivers. Thankfully, the  2021 RAM 2500  comes equipped with several safety features to make navigating crowded parking lots and rush hour traffic an absolute breeze.

Changing lanes on the freeway inside an extra large vehicle can be tricky. Fitted with Blind Spot Assist, this truck keeps on eye on cars that may be outside your field of vision. If it detects a possible hazard, it will alert the driver with visual and audio cues, as well as flash the integrated indicator on the relevant exterior side mirror.

Similarly, front and back parking sensors will give you a heads-up if the RAM 2500 is at risk of bumping into an obstruction. Put the vehicle in reverse and the rear-mounted camera will send a live video feed to the truck's largest-in-class 30.5cm touchscreen, so you can easily adjust your trajectory.

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