2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee VS 2021 Ford Explorer in St. Paul, AB

May 23,2022

Both the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2021 Ford Explorer have proven themselves to be capable people haulers in everyday driving environments. However, for consumers seeking some adventure in addition to their weekly errands, the first SUV is the clear choice. For general driving around town and on the highway, the Grand Cherokee provides 8.3-in of ground clearance, perfect for taking on minor bumps and potholes. When the time comes for cargo loading and passenger ingress/egress, it can drop to an accessible 6.5-in. Ever-prepared for a bit of off-roading, the Jeep can boost its ground clearance up to 10.9-in, making it easier and more exciting to tackle rougher terrain and sharp corners. As for the Explorer? Drivers are stuck with a fixed 8.2-in ground clearance, not suitable for much more than traversing flat roads. Experience the superiority of the Jeep Grand Cherokee for yourself at St. Paul Dodge. Contact our team to schedule a test drive.